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"customizing services to enhance your corporate image. "
Customization of office supplies can effectively implement and implement the VI image system of the enterprise on the basis of keeping the utility function of office supplies unchanged, so that the image of the enterprise can permeate the whole operation of the enterprise extensively and deeply, effective influence inside and outside the relationship between stakeholders, strengthen the enterprise brand identification and communication.
"Office Supplies Custom beauty pageant. "
Delta has the industry's complete integrated product line, manufacturing capacity. And has the brand management ability, knows how to help you to manage the enterprise image.
From consulting and negotiation to production and delivery, mattel has professionals who are responsible for the whole process of communication with customers and the coordination of internal plant resources to ensure timely delivery to customers.——————————————————
For customers, you just need to specify your requirements, submit the basic VI system to us, Mattel will solve for you product image design, manufacturing, safe transportation and other full work, easy and simple.
"Delta one-stop, custom service. "

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